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Welcome to my site

Hi, My name is Willem Koolmees, located in Vlissingen, The Netherlands.

I buy and sell vintage Scandinavian Lamps.

All lamps I have bought in Scandinavia are taken apart, cleaned and restored before I sell them.

I am specialized in “custom made” lamps.

               Especially refurbishing Louis Poulsen PH5 lamps is something i am known for.

      Examples on this site. You can pick one, I can make it for you. It takes one or two weeks                                                                           before it’s ready to be send.

              Price depents on your wishes, between 400 and 475 euro for one refusbished PH5 lamp, excluding shipping.

    If you have any requests or an idea of what color you want, I can make it for you.

I use original vintage 1970’s and 1980’s PH5 lamps with paintloss, discoloration, damage ect. They can’t be sold as they are, but they are great basis for custom made lamps. See bottom photo’s.

It gives me great pleasure to give the sometimes severely neglected lamps a second and sometimes a third life, knowing it will become one of the highlights in your living room.

           You can also check my facebook and instagram, my id. is: Willem Koolmees

                                  Any questions? wkoolmees59@gmail.0031615266526

kvk. 65061691 – Willem Koolmees